Managed Services

NEW! We can now help you manage your PC remotely!  Here's how it works: we set up a program on your PC that will monitor your computer for performance issues and notifies us of any problems such as full hard drives, too many processes running in the background, processes taking up CPU power, and other "techie" things. We then alert you and, with your permission, we will be able to login to your PC and fix it.

Additionally, we have partnered up with Webroot for a managed antivirus solution.  This notifies us if you have a virus - often even before you would know it existed - and then we are able to take care of it faster than we could in the past. As more of our clients sign up for the program, we will be able to alert everyone of the latest entry points for viruses. When paired with remote monitoring, we can keep your PC running well.

Keeping your PC operating smoothly is very important to us.  Depending on what you use your pc for, we recommend a PC check-up at least annually.  We will make sure your PC is up to date with the latest security patches and that there are no unnecessary programs on your computer.

We have combined all of these services into one offering.  For $100.00 per year per pc, we will install our monitoring software and Webroot antivirus, as well as perform 2 semi-annual tune-up.

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